Anyone can do this!  It’s fun … its easy … really works … is result driven … AND is permanent ! You, and  or your family members are guided step by step to a balanced lifestyle change in stability of health and nutrition through my support, ( BLISS ),  smashing thru your goals and beyond!

You CAN do this!  Let me help you!


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Become part of our thriving health-minded community of long-term achievement winners! The missing element to balanced living has been linked to a lack of stability in nutrition and lifestyle change. Build your own success story by joining our team of proven winners that are result driven and support one another’s  goal objectives.



An all natural, turn-key program that teaches job associates how to not only eat healthy and clean but correctly. Consuming PFC’s, Protein, Fat, and Carbs every 3 hours results in no sugar cravings, spikes or hunger between meals and snacks. The result is permanent and manageable weight loss for your employee force. It is a proven fact that healthier employees lead to more efficiency in the job place.

Team-BLISS Nutrition is founded off the direction of Venice Nutrition, founded by Mark Macdonald, who is Ambassador to the American Diabetes Association, as well as a New York Times Bestselling author and TV celebrity often seen on Dr Oz and CNN, with many books written. Venice Nutrition is a world-class organization with over thousands of certified coaches teaching this celebrity known program with great results!

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