My name’s Aushante and I was inspired to do Zen 8 from seeing Shari’s posts on Facebook of people who looked like they had real results! Before and after pictures that looked like the same person! Often times the after pictures are skeptical in health promotions. Seeing others results, I jumped on board, and lost 8 lbs in the first week during the detox stage, which was a huge motivator. I then slowly incorporated walking, hiking, and hot yoga into my routine. It’s amazing how much of a difference 13 lbs makes.

- Aushante Humphries

Workman's Compensation Claims Consultant

As I sit here ready for bed having my nighttime snack, I think about what an amazing journey this transformation and challenge have been for me.

After having my baby a year a go I knew that I had to start thinking about doing something to regain my health or I would just continue with the old habits I had before and during my pregnancy.  Sweets were a big part of my life.  So I decided it was time to get back at it and get my body back. I  learned how to prepare new food recipes as I began to plan and prepare all my meals. This program has given me so much energy and motivation as well has taught me how to pay close attention to looking at food labels for the nutritional information on the products I purchase.  I want my journey of regaining a healthy lifestyle to be an example to my daughter and family.

After only three months, I lost 13 pounds, 8 1/2 inches, and am down 3 pant sizes!  I now am continuing this journey into the Thrive Phase of the program, and want to help more people learn about how they too can have this powerful new lifestyle change. Special thanks to Shari for leading me to victory!

-Brianne Haukoos

Licensed Practical Nurse's Aid

My Name is Seth McNerlin and this is my Zen Project 8 testimony. I am a 32 year old disabled veteran. I served for 5 years in the United States Air Force and I am a proud veteran. When I was injured in the military it threw my whole world into a downward spiral. I was no longer wanted to serve my beautiful country and I could no longer do what I knew how to do best. My body started fighting against me and I started gaining a lot of weight and fast. For the last ten years I have been struggling with my weight and tried to eat better and figure out how I can get back to a healthier state of life. With my inability to do any workout that would kick my metabolism back into gear, I was at a huge loss. One Sunday I was driving a particularly long drive and happened to turn to Chuck Price’ radio show and heard him and Shari McCants my Venice Nutrition coach talking about Zen Project 8 and PFC every 3 on the show. They talked about leveling your blood sugar and eating every 3 hours with a balance of proteins, fats, and carbs in each meal. I knew this was something that I had to pursue and so I called Shari up soon after. I started and finished my 8 week run and I am feeling amazing! The first few weeks were not easy but once I got the hang of doing my meal preparations and planning ahead of time for multiple days at a time, it became much easier. The banana egg white muffins are life savers! They are easy to make and delicious with every bite. I stuck to the plan fairly tight and didn’t have any off plan meals. I am thankful that I had the strength to do this because in the end it definitely paid off. I am now 20 lbs. lighter and 7 cumulative inches smaller. I went from seeing a big round belly to a flatter belly that actually fits in all of my shirts. I even brought out shirts that I haven’t worn in 8 years because they are starting to fit me now. My energy has skyrocketed through the roof and I no longer need to drink coffee to get me through the days. I can lean over and tie my shoes without feeling like I’m suffocating myself because my fat belly was getting in the way. All in all I feel great and I can’t imagine going back to eating junk food and living in starvation mode anymore. My name is Seth McNerlin and I lost 20 lbs. and 7” doing the 8 week run through Team-BLISS Nutrition !

- Seth McNerlin

U.S. Armed Forces Veteran - USDA Food Industry Inspector

This program is the first I’ve encountered that, in the beginning, focused on getting rid of the bloat.  It was so nice to not feel like a blown-up water balloon all the time. Detox took care of almost all of that, Ignite took care of the rest of it.  Eating every three hours prevented the intense hunger you get starting a new diet, that why this can be a lifetime change.  Having the Zen Fuze on hand when I”m really not in the mood or have the time for regular food is great too.  I can even have ice cream (my version) for breakfast!  Just blend the Zen Fuze with a frozen banana half, ice and half the about of water.  Breakfast, or  before bed….it’s allowed. It’s been eleven weeks and 21 pounds and counting.  The most amazing thing for me was the 12 inches!  Thank you, Shari McCants, for all you support!

-Jackie Jackson

Retired Insurance Business Owner

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