Thank you again Shari McCants for your inspiration, motivation and education as it relates to my 8 week journey with the Zen8 Project! You have been very knowledgeable and always supportive with me during all of the coaching phone calls. I have learned a new way of eating that completely makes sense to me and I am 100% committed to keeping up with this plan. I have discovered that the way I eat is vitally important , and I realize it really makes me feel good and provides me with the mental and physical energy to get me through some of the busiest of my work days. I would recommend your services to anyone, and all that ask about this great plan. I hope you know I will be following along with your updates on Team Bliss Nutrition, and if I need any future support, I will be happy to call and look for some more guidance from you. Thank you again and I will keep in touch.

Mark Hildreth

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