I’ll always remember my first day of PFC’s every 3. I looked at what was 3 ounces of a protein and 3 ounces of a carb and a serving of fat and said to myself, “I’m going to starve to death on this program.” But I found I wasn’t even hungry for 3 hours! My first chocolate protein shake was awesome and I started to believe that maybe I could really do this. I learned so much that if I failed, it wasn’t because of lack of knowledge, it was a lack of discipline and desire on my part.

To date, I’ve lost a total ( since my heaviest weight ) of 73 pounds. By the end of summer, I hope to have reached my goal of losing 100 pounds but gaining a whole lot more strength. Could I do this program without working out hard? I definitely could, but I’m hooked on feeling stronger. I have muscles that I can actually see for the first time in a very long time. That’s exciting! There were plateaus that I had to work through but thanks to the resources of Shari and Mark that were outlined for me, I was able to overcome them. When I get stuck on something I know where to go to get though it. When I’m tired and don’t want to work out, I know where to go to get up and get going. When I want to quit beating myself up, I know where to go to get inspired and be positive. I’m so grateful to be part of this movement!

Anyone can do this! I have loved and lived the plan. I even gave up soda, artificial sweeteners, and processed food.  Shari knew my struggles. She seemed to always know what was best for me too! She encouraged me to simply get back on track. I was in again  and ready to go! I’ve learned so much about myself during this journey that I won’t ever go back to “that old lifestyle”.

Shari McCants! Best coach ever, that helped me in ways you’ll never know! She inspired me when I needed it and got on me when I needed it—and she knows this business inside and out. If I ever have a question, she’s the first person I reach out to. Thanks to Shari, I persevered instead of getting frustrated. I know I can’t fail with her support on my side.

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