Skip the Average 11lb Weight Gain This Year

I'll Show You How To Enjoy the Holidays & Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

• Winning with your Health During the Holidays

• Eating Balanced Meals at Holiday Parties

• Eliminating Holiday Cravings

• Drinking Alcohol and Still Getting Results

• Stealing Exercise Time with a Super Busy Schedule


I’m coaching a community of people just like you who are looking for the best way to use a new lifestyle to lose weight. I’d like to meet you soon and share more about blood sugar stabilization and help you meet your goals for 2018.   Registration is now open. Complete your details below: 

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Team BLISS Challenges

Enjoy the Holidays and Still Achieve Your Goals By Learning How To:

1.  Stay on Plan at Holiday Parties.

2.  Minimize Weight Gain and Fat Storage when Drinking Alcohol and Eating Delicious Holiday Desserts.

3.  Increase Your Fat Burning Ability and Core Strength during Holiday Shopping, on a Holiday Vacation or Simply Living a Normal Hectic Holiday Work/Life Schedule.

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