How My Program Works

First, I start with providing a FREE 30 minute consultation where I learn about my client’s lifestyle and health objectives. This initial assessment helps me create a custom profile plan best suited to the individual needs of each of my clients. The client is then guided on a journey towards creating and maintaining a permanent, new and healthy lifestyle based on The 3 Phases of Health. 

The Program

I provide 8 weeks of Coaching Sessions for individuals, couples, families and team or corporate groups. The sessions include the teaching of the importance of eating clean foods; i.e. PFC’s ( Protein, Fat and Carbs ) every 3 hours. This program is result driven. It is based on pure science pertaining to blood sugar stabilization. When you eat PFC’s every 3, your blood sugar levels balance out, thereby leaving you free of sugar cravings, high and low spikes as well as no hunger between meals. The result is your body starts burning fat, instead of muscle. And when you burn fat, you lose weight. It’s really that simple. The plan is based on Venice Nutrition founded by Mark Macdonald, the Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association and a New York Times Bestselling author. Shari McCants is a graduate of his program, becoming a certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach teaching Venice Nutrition to her clients.

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