Licensed Practical Nurse’s Aid Brianne Haukoos’s Story


As I sit here ready for bed having my nighttime snack, I think about what an amazing journey this transformation and challenge have been for me.

After having my baby a year a go I knew that I had to start thinking about doing something to regain my health or I would just continue with the old habits I had before and during my pregnancy.  Sweets were a big part of my life.  So I decided it was time to get back at it and get my body back. I  learned how to prepare new food recipes as I began to plan and prepare all my meals. This program has given me so much energy and motivation as well has taught me how to pay close attention to looking at food labels for the nutritional information on the products I purchase.  I want my journey of regaining a healthy lifestyle to be an example to my daughter and family.

After only three months, I lost 13 pounds, 8 1/2 inches, and am down 3 pant sizes!  I now am continuing this journey into the Thrive Phase of the program, and want to help more people learn about how they too can have this powerful new lifestyle change. Special thanks to Shari for leading me to victory!

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