Being diagnosed this past year as a type 2 diabetic with an A1C sugar level that made a huge jump in just one year, I knew I had to do something real and long lasting. I was given a choice in three months to either go on medication or drop my weight. My choice, of course, was the latter. I weighed in at 258 lbs at the time, being considerably overweight. I am 6’7 1/12”, and should weigh 219 lbs. With my nutrition coach, Shari McCants, teaching me how to zero in on eating PFC’s every 3 hours ( protein, fat and carbs to balance blood sugar levels ) and the layout of the three phases of the program, in only 12 weeks I lost over 40 lbs! I feel terrific now, down to 218 lbs.while maintaining my weight and energy levels!

I am so grateful to Shari McCants for her personalized coaching techniques that have taught me proper balanced nutrition with exercise as part of my daily life!

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