All About Mark Macdonald…NYT Best Selling Author, Internationally Recognized  Fitness Expert, My Mentor and Friend

Mark Macdonald is a  world renowned nutrition & fitness expert, best-selling author, television personality, international teacher and speaker, and entrepreneur who has coached everyone from celebrities to athletes to business executives to busy moms on how to permanently get their body back with cutting edge nutrition, fitness and lifestyle strategies.

He is the founder of Venice Nutrition and the IBNFC: International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, and New York Times Bestselling author, as well is the featured health expert for many national media outlets, including Dr. OZ, CNN, Access Hollywood, Chelsea Lately, and is the co-host of HLN’s “Transformation Tuesdays” on The Daily Share. Also, Mark is a sought after keynote speaker and continually speaks throughout the world.

Mark‘s passion has also paved the way towards several powerful partnerships. These partnerships have allowed millions of people across the world to live the program and achieve their personal health goals. A few of Mark’s partnerships are: the American Diabetes Association, the International Speakers Bureau, and Jeunesse, a company that manufactures health products. Mark is also an expert on Jeunesse’s Scientific Advisory Board. Together, Mark and Jeunesse created the cutting edge Zen product line to help busy people realistically work all-natural products into their plan.

His Mission: To help people truly Get Their Body Back in a fun, simple and realistic way. Mark knows you must first live a health plan based on physiology, then achieve your goals and permanently evolve your plan into your world. Your example will inspire your friends and family to see the possibility and begin to make their health happen as well. This is how real change is created and our nation’s obesity epidemic is solved. We all must start leading by example and walking our health journey together, as one.

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